My Skin: A Free Verse Poem

My skin is soft, tumbled by the sands of Lake Superior from which my frail body was birthed

Into the hands of a couple of twenty-somethings lost in the maze of life

Nine to five jobs as dead ends and

happiness together as the end they’ll never reach

My bleached pigtails woven with strands of golden angel hair

sitting atop my head like the horns of the devil –

A walking contradiction

So much to tell the world but

no voice to say it.

PB & Js washed down with milk;

Innocent truths washed down with the lies of the world until

The lies were all I could taste and

I thought they filled me up but I

was still hungry so I ate leather bound books like

bacon for breakfast

trying to find the recipe for happiness

until the books became my best friends –

they still understand me more than

I’ll ever understand myself.

I was born curious and skeptical

but my voice was silenced by the

metaphorical duct tape stuck over my mouth by

societal expectations,

my hands bound behind my back with ropes woven in fear;

Until I broke loose, shattered from the inside out

and here I am now,

glueing myself back together with

happiness and freedom;

painting over the cracks in my skin and

looking at this kaleidoscope of a world through

stained glass eyes;

letting my voice be heard because I’ve been silenced for so long.

My skin is soft, tumbled by the sands of

Lake Superior

from which my strong body was


into tough hands; my hands.

My hair woven by flowers meeting paint palettes that join reality

to create the masterpiece that is my mind.

I’m cracked but I’m not broken,

and I’ve learned to dream and

my dreams will take me farther than the lies of the world ever could.

My skin is soft, but my soul is unbreakable.



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