A Feminist (?) Rant

“I’m not like most girls,” I say,

as if somehow the only way to validate my existence

is to deny my femininity.

Society deems femininity as a weakness

like being female

is being a mistake.


I was catcalled regularly at 12 years old

and by the time I was 14 I had had

too many close encounters with

men who only wanted me for my body

because no matter how I dress or act, I am “asking for it”

and apparently identifying as a female is an open invitation to do

whatever the Hell you want

with my body.


In society’s eyes my body is a cheap roadside motel,

always open for anyone to stay for as long

as they wish.

Neon signs lit up high above me, and somehow you translate

“no vacancy” to “fuck me”.


I’m sorry, but my body is not a cheap motel

nor is it a closed bank with unlocked doors.

My body is sacred

and most importantly,

it belongs to me before it belongs

to anyone else.


And you damn well better know that if I let you in,

you must be really fucking special to me.


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