I may be a poet

But that doesn’t mean I’m any good with words

So here I am doing what I do best

Holding my breath and letting my pen speak for me

In hopes that this will hurt a bit less


I didn’t know you very long

You might not even remember me at all

But if there’s one thing I learned from you

It’s that it only takes a moment to change someone’s life

And I hope I meant something to you, too


You always said the wisest things

And you always dressed your best

But your hat looked so much better on you

That it did on the table

Next to tissues and all the photos of you


Once you said you cared so much about the way you looked

Because you wanted to make a good first impression on the love of your life

I don’t think you ever did meet her

But I like to think about the girl out there

Who would’ve been lucky enough to be called your wife


And whenever the room got quiet

You knew how to say

What no one else dared to

But you also knew that sometimes silence

Could speak even louder than you


I know someday I’ll visit your grave

Leave something that should belong to you

But for now, my acquaintance, my old friend

It’s time I say goodbye to you

Like I know you’d want me to


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