Day 1.

20 facts about me + a recent photoIMG_3311.JPG

  1. I’m fifteen years old.
  2. My hair is naturally blonde – it’s darkened a bit over the years, but it used to naturally be platinum blonde.
  3. My elbows and toes are double jointed.
  4. I can put my feet behind my head thanks to a couple years of yoga.
  5. I used to be a huge space nerd, an interest which began when my grandfather gave me an encyclopedia of space when I was about four years old and, being the book lover I was, I read it almost religiously.  I still have it somewhere.
  6. I’ve been writing my entire life – I’ve gone through phases of writing everything from short stories, letters, novellas, and poems, and my old flash drive is full of half-finished novels.
  7. I’m pretty much addicted to coffee and tea.
  8. I live on the bay of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.
  9. I play 7 instruments (and am working on learning more).  I also like to sing.
  10. I started playing the piano when I was about six years old.
  11. I’ve been to three actual concerts – Gaelic Storm, Ziggy Marley, and The 1975.
  12. I have two dogs, and would love to get a hedgehog.
  13. I’m a sophomore in high school.
  14. I hate the sound of teeth clicking together ( I shudder just thinking about it).
  15. I’ve never been scared of horror movies – I watched my first horror movie when I was around eight years old and I loved it.
  16. I’m very competitive with just about everything – I hate to lose.  But, I’m also not a sore loser.
  17. I used to own a real coconut bra.  Who knows, it might still be tucked away in a closet in my house.
  18. I love to garden and I grow a lot of herbs.  I currently have lavender, sweet basil, thyme, spearmint, and rosemary hanging from my bedroom ceiling to dry.
  19. I love to skateboard, but can’t actually do any tricks.
  20. I’m about 5 feet 6 1/2 inches tall – pretty average.

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